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A long time ago, in a decade far far away, I studied for my Boy Scout Merit page in Law Enforcement.
I also worked on ones for raising pigeons (Animal Husbandry), and making maps (Surveying). The interviews I did then with the local Cops were quite memorable, enough so that when I had the opportunity to take a test for the job, I passed as the number one candidate out of about 3,500 applicants. 32 years later, here I am, a fully retired Blue-Suit. I wonder what would life have been like for me if I'd taken the job test for raising pigeons instead? A career checklist: Beat Cop ( walking with the junkies and such)  Sector Car ( " routine patrol"? anything but) Plain Clothes ( AND "undercover" ..BIG difference) Vice and Narc ( do NOT get me started...) Supervisor ( " If I had any Super-vision, I wouldn't                                  be doing this"..10 points if you know who                          said that) Brass ( and a pain in the Chain of Command I was) Federal Service ( again, don't ask) 10-7
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