Which Presidental Candidate is Right for You? Take This Quiz

An online quiz from ISideWith.com helps voters find the candidate whose views most closely match their own. How accurate does your result seem? Any surprises?

Choosing a presidential candidate who best represents your views can be a daunting task during an election year. All the various policies, tax plans and social issues that require deciphering are further confused by the back-and-forth between contenders in the form of campaign ads, media coverage and debates.

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An online quiz created by ISideWith.com tries to sift through the politics and get back to basics. The quiz asks voters to select their stances on foreign and domestic issues and the results are then compared with the policy positions of the candidates. The aim is to show quiz takers which candidate has the most similar views.

After a couple of minutes clicking multiple choice answers, personalized results are revealed.

The quiz results for California show that 54 percent of voters take side most closely with President Barack Obama. Green Party candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson have 46 percent, and GOP candidate Mitt Romney is at 33 percent.

Take the presidential candidate quiz to find out which contender most closely reflects your views.

Do your quiz results reveal any surprises? Do they seem accurate? Share your experience in the comments.


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