Where are the City Council Candidates Getting and Spending their Money?

Updated: Here's where the cash flow is coming from and going to for 10 of the 11 Concord City Council candidates who have submitted campaign finance statements for the period of July 1 to Sept. 30, 2012. Now including Marnie Sheehan-Carter.

Does cash flow prove anything about a city council candidate? It's up to the voters to decide.

The following information comes from the campaign finance statements submitted to the City of Concord for the period of July 1 to Sept. 30, 2012. Two candidates — Robert Camacho and Marnie Sheehan Carter — do not currently have statements for this period on file, according to the City of Concord.

Here's where the cash is coming from and going to for 10 of the 11 Concord City Council candidates.

Do you have a question about the candidates' cash flow? Ask them here — along with any other questions on your mind this election season.

Edi Birsan

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Individuals, Concord Residents (3) 600 Richard Bigham, Benicia TEL 210 Individuals, Non-Concord Residents (7) 1,975 AABCO Printing, Concord LIT 383.89 Shinn for City Council, Concord 500 RETV Networks Inc., Concord WEB 800 Diablo Valley Democratic Club 100 BelAire Displays, Richmond CMP 1,413.75 Edi Birsan, Concord (Loan) 10,000 City of Concord FIL 300 Unitemized Contributions Under $100
63 Unitemized Payments Under $100 35 Total 13,238

Suzanne H. Davis-Lucey

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Suzanne H. Davis-Lucey (Loan) 1,000 City of Concord FIL 300 Total 1,000 300

Dan Helix

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Individuals, Concord Residents (23) 16,300 City of Concord FIL 300 Individuals, Non-Concord Residents (33) 25,349 Mary Jo Rossi, Martinez CNS 3,000 Pleasant Paper Recycling, Concord 2,000 Kirk Briggs Signs, Inc., Oakdale CMP 10,832.96 Jenkins Insurance Group, Royal Oaks 2,000 Central Labor Council PRT 500 Garventa Enterprises Waste Disposal Services 2,000 Mike Spansler SAL 500 IBEW PAC, Sacramento 1,500 Big Picture Invoices, Martinez WEB 1,181.12 Russel W. Gorman Trustee, US Navy Ref 500 Jiexi Luan, Martinez WEB 500 Mullin Law Firm, Concord 1,000 Spencer Helix, Concord SAL 200 Jack's Auto Body, Walnut Creek 1,000 Belleci Designs, Pittsburg CNS 2,489.75 Centow, Concord 2,000 Contra Costa Times PRT 2,000 Treat Plaza Office, LLC, Concord 1,000 Home Depot, Concord CMP 438.34 Bricklayers Local No. 3, San Leandro 100 USPS, Concord POS 225 Concord Police Association 1,500 Wentling Studios, Concord PRO 500 Peace Officers Research Association, Sacramento 500 Hilton Hotel FND 1,731.41 Farmer's Insurance 1,000 Blackhawk Services Co., Danville 1,000 Scott's Jack London Seafood, Oakland 1,000 C.R. Fireline, Pacheco 1,000 Plumbing Industry Local, No. 159, Martinez 500 Sterling Realty, Concord 1,000 BV LP 1,000 Rosal Auto Recyclers, Concord 500 UA Local, No. 342 PAC 500 Teamsters Local Union, No. 315, Martinez 500 A & A Services Inc., Concord 500 Atco Tow Inc., Concord 500 Stephen B. Lewis M.D., Concord 1,000 AJ Shaw Development, Unstated 1,000 Lassen Commercial Properties, Hayward 1,000 Committee to Elect Joe Campbell, Concord 100 Sheet Metal Workers Int., San Ramon 750 Locher Construction Company, Fairfield 1,000 Braddock and Logan Real Estate Development, Danville 1,000 Conco Companies, Concord 1,000 Total 72,599 25,448.58

Alany Helmantoler 

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Alany Helmantoler (Loan) 308.54 Postal Amex, Concord POS 315.17 Individuals, Concord Residents (1) 50 Unitemized Payments Under $100 170.86 Individuals, Non-Concord Residents (2) 250 Total 558.54 486.03

Terry Kremin

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Terry Kremin (Loan) 1,922 City of Concord FIL 300 Individuals, Non-Concord Residents (2) 750 Instant Imprints, Concord CMP 119.03 AABCO Printing, Concord LIT 195.75 Contra Costa Central Labor Council, Martinez MTG 150 Contra Costa County Elections, Martinez OFC 50 COGS Signs, Modesto CMP 1,148.75 Total 2,697

Harmesh Kumar

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Quick Check Cashing Inc., Concord 100 Akido Printing, San Leandro PRT 602 Dr. Harmesh Kumar, Concord (Loan) 36,353 Saaz Aur Media, San Francisco RAD 120 City of Concord FIL 300 Friendly Media, Tracy PRT 2,865 Namaste Nepal Restaurant, Roseville FND 850 Hogan Media, Concord CMP 20,000 Jasbir Lohan, Clovis CNS 7,800 Ambedkar Times, Antelope LIT 200 Radio Zindazi, Fremont RAD 2,000 Sade Lok, Livermore LIT 500 Som Sharma, Hayward LIT 200 Hogan Media, Concord CMP (Unpaid) 4,407 Total 36,453

Vernon Kurpieski

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Vernon Kerpieski (Loan) 2,400 City of Concord FIL 300

Staples, Concord OFC 78.31 Beverly's, Concord OFC 17.48 3D Embroidery, Concord CMP 1,837.88 Total 2,400 2,233.67

Carol Longshore

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Carol Longshore (Loan) 2,361 City of Concord FIL 300 Individuals, Concord Residents, (40) 4,360 USPS POS 90 Individuals, Non-Concord Residents, (23) 3,361 Orchard Supply Hardware, Concord FND 50.92 California USSSA, Concord 200 Mt. Diablo Landscape Centers, Concord FND 310.81 Rick Lobsinger, Insurance Services, Oakley 100 Staples, Concord OFC 105.40 La Pinata Mexican Restaurant, Concord MTG 66 DiscountMugs.com CMP 330 Wilmes Company, Inc., San Francisco CMP 1,785.64 Costco, Concord FND 273.35 Home Depot, Concord FND 119.52 Safeway POS 45 Orchard Supply Hardware, Concord CMP 24.77 US Bank PRO 6 Internet LIT 11.30 Total 10,382 3,518.71

Tim McGallian

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type* Amount ($) Individuals, Concord Residents, (20) 6,755 City of Concord FIL 300 Individuals, Non-Concord Residents, (7) 1,900 Michael Cary Designs, Orland CMP 325 Laborers International Union of North America 1,500 AABCO Printing, Concord CMP 852.60 Concord Police Association 1,500 Kirk Beiggs Signs Inc., Oakdale CMP 5,481.14 Buttercup Bar and Grill, Concord 100 Lowes Home Improvement, Concord CMP 224.82 Northern California Carpenters Regional Council 300 Wentling Studios, Concord CMP 326.25 Northern California District Council of Laborers 1,500 Spotlight Design, San Francisco CMP 2,965.31 Peace Officers Research Association of California 500 Mary Jo Rossi, Concord FND 3,000 Garventa Enterprises 1,000 The Old Spaghetti Factory, Concord MTG 239.25 Total 15,055 14,139.95

Marnie Sheehan-Carter

Contributions Amount ($) Expenditures Type Amount ($) Individuals, Concord Residents, (1) 200 City of Concord FIL 300 Marnie Sheehan-Carter (Loan) 706.16 Unitemized Payments Under $100 483.99 Total 966.16 783.99

*Codes: CMP = campaign paraphernalia/misc, CNS = campaign consultants, FIL = candidate filing, FND = fundraising events, LIT = campaign literature and mailings, MTG = meetings and appearances, OFC = office expenses, POS = postage, PRO = professional services, PRT = print ads, SAL = campaign workers' salaries, TEL = TV or cable airtime and production, RAD = radio airtime and production, WEB = internet, email.

What's your analysis of the cash flow for the Concord City Council candidates? Does it reveal anything about their support or intentions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

If you notice a mistake, please email the editor at Emily.Henry@Patch.com.

Babs October 16, 2012 at 02:34 AM
Construction, Garbage, Towing, Recycling, POA (pension), Developers - Big City Businesses that have issues with the city, interesting!
Roylen October 16, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Soon we will have the best council money can buy........Residence of Concord bend over because you are about to be screwed big time.
Sylvia Snell Lundy October 16, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Other candidates might have bigger campaign reserves; but Ed Birsan has the biggest heart, the best community service record, the most cogent plans for our city, and the support of residents from every area in Concord. I surely hope you will help elect him to the Concord City Council.
Marnie Sheehan Carter October 17, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Thank you Patch for taking the time to correct your publication to include the filings of the Carter for Concord campaign. Our team appreciates efforts in our community to get back to true transparency in local government. Some may try "to throw a blanket" on this girl who is on fire; but we will not be silenced. The comments reinforce our opinion that the citizens of Concord always have their ears and eyes open and will make the best decision for future leadership of our City on November 6. Marnie Sheehan Carter
Robert David Camacho October 17, 2012 at 05:31 PM
Dear Patch Readers, Robert Camacho is committed to a grassroots campaign, he made the decision not to form a campaign committee and not ask for political contributions. Robert Camacho wants to build community first in Concord without the pressures of special interests fundraising. I appreciate your support November 6, 2012. Robert David Camacho www.robertcamacho.org http://www.smartvoter.org/2012/11/06/ca/cc/vote/camacho_r/paper1.html


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