What's Happening at Rockridge CVS Pharmacy?

Employees say the store will remain open, although it's been scheduled to close as part of the Safeway construction project at Broadway and 51st Street / Pleasant Valley Road in Oakland. Does anyone know details?

Will the CVS Pharmacy store at Broadway and 51st Street (Pleasant Valley Road) in Oakland remain open indefinitely, or is this just a temporary reprieve? 

The store's lease was cancelled months ago by Safeway, owner of the Rockridge Shopping Center property, but closing has been delayed several times. Safeway plans a major redevelopment of the shopping center site, which is under review by the City of Oakland's planning department.

Store employees say only that they were notified about two weeks ago that the pharmacy "superstore" will remain open, but offered no further details.

Daren Ranelletti, the city's planner assigned to the project, said Tuesday that the Safeway proposal is still active and that preparation of an EIR (environmental impact report) for the project is under way. The draft EIR is expected to be completed and made public later this year, he said.

Safeway and CVS officials have not yet responded to requests for information about the status of the project and the CVS lease.

Shelves at the CVS store have become progressively more empty over the past several months and most of the popular nursery section was closed. Hours were also reduced from the earlier 24-hour-a-day schedule.

Another store in the shopping center, Dress Barn, closed recently, and the space it occupied remains empty.

Do you know more about CVS Pharmacy's future? Tell us in the comments section below.

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Emily Henry October 31, 2012 at 01:06 AM
Wow, it seems like they're always changing their minds... They were supposed to close last year, then extended their stay to January and now they're not closing at all? How very confusing. Perhaps now they can start re-stocking the shelves instead of leaving large swaths of the store empty! (And maybe hire some more tellers?)
Nate October 31, 2012 at 02:33 PM
A very veteran employee told me that it is just another extension. The store will not come back as it was 2 years ago when Safeway told CVS that they had about six months to remain. I have to believe that CVS has a modified rent deal that means it still makes sense to remain open, despite the severely reduced stock and employees. Its my strong sense that Safeway's internal finances and not red tape has held up the project. It has cost the City a lot in sales taxes from the very big CVS. On the bright side, I heard it is possible that CVS may remain or come back to the site in another location after the mega-Safeway is built. But I doubt it will be the mega CVS (formerly Payless/Thrifty and Longs)--that had a huge stock.


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