Water Rate Hike Approved By CCWD Board

The board unanimously voted to raise monthly rates by 3.5 percent, effective Feb. 1.

Monthly water rates will be going up by 3.5 percent in the Contra Costa Water District.

The district's board of directors unanimously approved the rate increase at its meeting on Wednesday night.

The hike takes effect on Feb. 1.

A single-family residential home that uses 350 gallons of water a day can expect its monthly bill to rise by $2.27.

Jennifer Allen, the district's communications director, said the rate hike is needed to help offset a 6 percent increase in operating costs expected this year. The expenditures include increases in labor, energy and chemical costs.

The rest of the increase is being covered by cost savings.

How do you plan to deal with the increase? Will you pay the extra cost or will you cut back on water use? Comment below.


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