Voter Video Chat: Anti-Birsan Campaign Mailer Either Worked — or Backfired

The mailer sent out by the Concord Police Association making claims against Concord City Council candidate Edi Birsan confused some voters, and made supporters out of others.

What was your reaction to the anti-Birsan mailer sent to Concord residents by the Concord Police Association? Did it affect your vote? Comment below.

Grant Cottam November 07, 2012 at 05:06 PM
I was already planning to vote for Edi Birsan and even had one of his signs in my front yard before I got that Concord Police HATE mailer in the mail, so I knew the POA slurs were just racist lias. Any semi-intelligent person would have seen that flier for what it was. It probably HELPED Edi win. The Concord Police get 60% of the Concord General Fund. Mr. Birsan would like to cut out the fat in local government. The POA flier shows how much the PoPo are terrified by people like Edi Birsan.


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