Update: Concord Archway Project Changes Direction

The plan to install archways on Todos Santos Plaza was augmented.

The city of Concord is installing archways over Todos Santos Plaza.
The city of Concord is installing archways over Todos Santos Plaza.

City of Concord engineers changed direction Tuesday on the design for two new archways that will be installed in Todos Santos Plaza.

Project Manager Mario Camorongan met with a committee of City Councilmembers last night to discuss the final touches on the project. Councilmembers told him they wanted to add a second visual element to the arches.

“When you’re outside of Todos Santos Plaza looking in, the sign on the arches will read ‘Todos Santos Plaza,'” Camorongan told Patch. “When you’re inside the park, the sign will read ‘City of Concord,’ he said.   

Given that the sign will be composed of welded tubular steel, the new visual element will require the placement of a backing in between the two phrases. The signs will be illuminated to make them readable at night, he said.  They will be installed on Willow Pass Road, one at the corner of Mt. Diablo Street and one on the corner of Grant Street.

Camorongan is sending the artists renderings back to the design consultant for revision and engaging an electrical consultant in discussions about the lighting. 

The changes to the design will add an additional month to the Concord Archway Project’s timeline, pushing out the installation date to mid March 2014.

The committee of Councilmembers working on the archway project is composed of Councilmembers Ron Leone and former mayor Dan Helix.  New Mayor Tim Grayson was on the original committee that proposed the project to city engineers back in January 2013. He traded places with Helix.  

City Council will have the final say on project approval. To see artists renderings of the new archways, visit Patch's previous coverage

Jim Davis January 11, 2014 at 08:08 PM
Dear fellow citizens of Concord, Are these decorative "Arches" really of WISE SPENDING OF OUR MONEY??? Doesn't anybody out here remember the infamous "SPIRIT POLES" that our COUNCIL MEMBERS SPENT $100,000 on those? And our city became the "Laughing-stock" of the Bay-Area" and they WERE eventually REMOVED @ our expense as well??? REMEMBER? Our city STREETS need more immediate renovations than spending Big$$$$ on "Arches" in Todos Santos!!! Doesn't anybody out here really care???
mr.miller January 13, 2014 at 08:32 PM
Because the 200k they already cost wasn't enough of a waste of taxpayer funds, now they want to add more to the bill by adding in concord on the inside of the park... why not just add "earth" too I mean since we apparently don't have a clue where we are in todos santos plaza!?!? Seriously this has got to be someone who knows someone giving them work, these arches are an asinine waste of money for an already beautiful park that doesn't really need any "improvement". Where can we go to protest this?
Vanessa Castañeda January 14, 2014 at 07:11 PM
@Jim Davis, That's a great question. I hadn't heard of the "spirit poles." That sounds like something that you pass off to someone at a high school football pep rally. When did those get installed? @Mr. Miller You could write an email or a letter to city government officials. But those are easy to ignore. I'd recommend going to a City Council meeting and making a public comment about the issue. Coincidentally, there's one tonight. It starts at 7:00 p.m.in the City Council Chamber located at 1950 Parkside Drive in Concord, CA.


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