Q&A with Concord City Council Candidate Robert Camacho

Patch poses three questions to Robert Camacho, candidate for Concord City Council in the 2012 election. Concordians will vote for two council members on Nov. 6.

On Nov. 6, Concordians will have the chance to nominate two candidates to the Concord City Council. 

In an effort to help inform voters about who their 11 candidates are and what they stand for, Concord Patch asked each one to answer three questions. The candidates were invited to do this in person or via email. The following responses were sent via email by Robert Camacho and is published here as it was sent. Answers come from Robert Camacho's website and the SmartVoter.org information guide.

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Why are you running for Concord City Council?

I am running for Concord city council because I believe I have the professionalism and dedication that is needed to improve our economy, safety, and schools. I will bring a new generation's fresh perspective to our community and I will devote my energy and time to working hard for you.

Robert Camacho has been an active member of the Contra Costa community for the past 11 years. Robert was born in Santa Cruz, California and raised between the Bay Area and Guanajuato, Mexico. Robert currently works in the high technology industry as a Technology Order Representative for Riverbed Technologies based in San Francisco. Robert is bilingual and has been a professional community organizer with the Special Olympics of Northern California and other non-profit organizations for the past 20 years. He has been working to enrich the lives of people with intellectual disabilities.

Robert Camacho lives in Concord with his husband, Tim Miller. In 2008, Robert and Tim were legally married in California after 11 years of partnership. Tim was born and raised in Concord. 

"We chose Concord because we wanted to live in a vibrant and diverse city, one with a deep sense of community and acceptance." 

Robert Camacho believes wholeheartedly that the people of Concord are the backbone to the city's success and need to be fully represented in local governmental decisions.

Robert will continue to work with his community and constituents beyond the election and its activities to ensure that the residents' concerns continue to be heard by the cities leadership who are elected to serve them.

Robert is committed to a grassroots campaign, he made the decision not to form a campaign committee and not ask for political contributions. Robert wants to build community first in Concord without the pressures of special interests fundraising.

What are the top three issues you would want to focus on as a council member?

To ensure that future generations have a healthy and prosperous life, Robert Camacho's platform is to: 

Reduce Budget and Spending: Treat every tax dollar as if it where your own + with respect for its scarcity and the need to get great value for each dollar. Camacho believes that it is our community's money whether it is in the General Fund or the Redevelopment Fund.

Ensure a Safe Community: Fully staff our Police Department to better protect our families and neighborhoods while partnering with City employees to reduce pension and healthcare costs. We need to re-open all the police substations to have better geographical presence in the community.

Concord Neighborhood Watch: We hope to create a coalition of independent watch groups, Home Owner Associations and other organizations in Concord all under one roof.

Strengthen our Local Businesses/ Make Concord More Business Friendly: Reach out to corporations and provide incentives to promote the City of Concord as a "great city to do business in". Collaborate with our business community to provide them with the tools and support necessary to be successful. City municipal codes need to be reviewed jointly with the business community with the intent to increase job growth. Collaborate with our business community to provide them with the tools and support necessary to be successful. Cut the red tape and reduce the time it takes for Concord residents to get a home remodeling permit or to set up a small business. 

Keep Concord Clean: Keep our streets clean, create a "Clean up Concord" committee to mobilize volunteers to organize weekend clean ups (garbage, graffiti, and our parks).

Support Concord Open Space, Arts, and Recreation Programs: Reaffirm our dedication to these services by restoring our resources and commitments to ensure their viability for generations to come.

Senior Housing: Senior affordable housing must be protected and extended where possible, work to further develop a senior housing community at Naval Weapons Station.

Environmental Restoration at the Concord Naval Weapons Station: The Navy needs to be held accountable to clean up the toxins that it used at the weapon station and surrounding community. The facility has been identified as having been contaminated with heavy metals including zinc, copper, lead, cadmium, and arsenic, as well as semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC) and organ chloride pesticides. An area of great concern is the risk to the endangered Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse and the California Clapper Rail.

What makes you different from the current council and the 10 other city council candidates?

Robert is an active volunteer member with the following organizations:

Robert is a Strong Supporter of:

  • Rainbow Community Center (Concord) - http://www.rainbowcc.org
  • Monument Community Partnership / Chavez Center (Concord) +http://www.monumentcommunity.org
  • Contra Costa County Homeless Shelters (Concord) - http://www.shelterincofccc.org
  • LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender) rights
  • Civil rights
  • Pro Choice organizations
  • Disability rights
  • Animal rights
  • Progressive environmental policy
  • Serving the homeless In order to achieve these goals we need your assistance and support.

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Concord Patch contacted all 11 city council candidates, giving them an opportunity to answer these questions in person. The questions have also been sent out via email for candidates to respond to in writing. Concord Patch will publish answers if and when they come in. For an email notification when candidate Q&As are published, click "keep me posted" below.


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