Q&A with Concord City Council Candidate Harmesh Kumar

Patch poses three questions to Harmesh Kumar, candidate for Concord City Council in the 2012 election. Concordians will vote for two council members on Nov. 6.

On Nov. 6, Concordians will have the chance to nominate two candidates to the Concord City Council. 

In an effort to help inform voters about who their 11 candidates are and what they stand for, Concord Patch asked each one to answer three questions. The candidates were invited to do this in person or via email. The following responses were sent via email by Harmesh Kumar and is published here as it was sent. 

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Why are you running for Concord City Council?

Being a small business owner and psychologist with proven track records and experience in meeting the real challenges and creating various sustainable jobs, meeting the payroll, treating employees with respect and fairness makes me an excellent candidate for city council. I haven taken initiatives over last 20 years to create harmony and make the community better and I am engaged in providing solutions in our community to complicated problems.

What are the top three issues you would want to focus on as a council member? 

1. Revitalize the downtown and two Bart Stations and make them vibrant business and community hub.

2. Promote economic viability of the region such as Naval Weapon Station for quality growth, create local jobs and affordable housing and health insurance for all with help from new Health Care Reform by our president, create world-class education and training center in Concord, reduce truancy in our local schools.

3. Provide dynamic, proactive, innovative leadership to promote common good by building effective and collaborative teams with existing non-profit organizations in the city and county and with their help to find permanent solutions to homelessness, mental illness and domestic violence.

What makes you different from the current council and the 10 other city council candidates? 

As mentioned above I am engaged with the community in providing solutions to social problems like homelessness, chronic mental illness and substance abuse issues and creating sustainable jobs and small businesses in the city. It is my long term focus on community well being and for betterment of all the citizens of concord which makes me more suitable candidates then others. Nobody except me has focused on prevention rather than reactive interventions to the social and community issues leading to better quality of life in regards to safety and security at individual, family, school, and community levels for example, creating gang prevention programs, after school programs for the youth, transitional housing and supportive services for homeless and chronically mentally disabled, reducing crime rate up to zero level.With help from the community we can do this together, which I call city-community partnership model - real empowerment model.

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Concord Patch contacted all 11 city council candidates, giving them an opportunity to answer these questions in person. The questions have also been sent out via email for candidates to respond to in writing. Concord Patch will publish answers if and when they come in. For an email notification when candidate Q&As are published, click "keep me posted" below.

Rick D November 01, 2012 at 08:15 PM
I've got a question for Dr. Kumar: What does he plan on doing about the thousands of postcard-size flyers his campaign folks have indiscriminately stuck on cars throughout the city and that now litter our streets and parking lots? I have a serious problem with this irresponsible form of advertising. Sr. Burbujas on Monument, random low-rent club promoters and other businesses, now someone wishing to serve the public. How about picking up some of your campaign trash first.
Sco November 02, 2012 at 02:28 AM
Affiliating yourself so blatantly with President Obama on your large posters is ....silly, amateurish, and brings overt partisanship to a non-partisan position. I would even question the legality (not up on that) of your using President Obama in your materials without his expressed endorsement, which I would bet the farm you do not have.
shawn November 07, 2012 at 12:42 AM
Like President Obama, Dr. Kumar is endorsed by the Democratic Party, which allowed the materials you reference. Think of the Democratic Party as Nike, and Obama and Kumar as athletes of different sports. Although different, Nike (Democratic Party) is marketing both athletes.
shawn November 07, 2012 at 12:52 AM
Such a crybaby


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