Q&A with Concord City Council Candidate Carol Longshore

Patch poses three questions to Carol Longshore, candidate for Concord City Council in the 2012 election. Concordians will vote for two council members on Nov. 6.

On Nov. 6, Concordians will have the chance to nominate two candidates to the Concord City Council. 

In an effort to help inform voters about who their 11 candidates are and what they stand for, Concord Patch asked each one to answer three questions. The candidates were invited to do this in person or via email. The following responses were sent via email by Carol Longshore and is published here as it was sent. 

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Why are you running for Concord City Council?

I’m running for Council because I love this City and have watched it develop through the years and my friend Bill Shinn was stepping down from Council and I simply want to take his place. I’ve served the community on a volunteer level and this would be the next step for me to higher serve the community.

I believe at this period in time, because we have “no money” for projects, we have a chance to look at our system and get rid of some of the flaws. Evaluate what needs to be done aside from “cutting budgets” we have to get rid of the waste.

What are the top three issues you would want to focus on as a council member?

My three issues are:

Simplifying paper work.

Reform local campaign regulations.

Bring history to the table as an important aspect of the community.

What makes you different from the current council and the 10 other city council candidates?

What makes me different is that I have a lot of time to devote to the City. I’m eager to learn the “ropes” and work with the staff toward a common goal. I would like to see a woman, mother and grandmother represented on the Council.

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Concord Patch contacted all 11 city council candidates, giving them an opportunity to answer these questions in person. The questions have also been sent out via email for candidates to respond to in writing. Concord Patch will publish answers if and when they come in. For an email notification when candidate Q&As are published, click "keep me posted" below.


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