How Do You Decide Which Concord Candidates to Vote For?

Candidates in the 2012 local elections paid for flyers, signs and consultants in the hope of convincing Concord voters. Is it money well-spent?

If you read campaign finance reports (and, after all, who doesn’t?), you'll see that a majority of candidates for local council seats spend their cash on campaign consultants, flyers and signs.

They have a daunting challenge, after all — how do you get the message out when you don’t have major television or radio coverage? How do you get voters interested in what you have to say?

Candidates walk precincts, knock on doors, send out mailers — and, of course, put up signs just about everywhere they can. Concord is covered with clusters of these signs, some with just a name in bold font and bright colors, and others with a picture and a slogan ("People, not politics!" "Vote for a better life," "Making sound decisions for Concord familes" and so on). 

In little more than a week, on Nov. 6, voters in Concord will go to the polls and choose two new council members. But how will they have made their decision? Were they wooed by the signs? Convinced by a face-to-face conversation? Impressed by a debate?

For a reminder of who's running for government positions in Concord and a peek at all the election coverage on Patch, visit the Concord Patch Elections 2012 hub.

What helps you decide who to vote for in local elections? Do signs influence voters — pershaps just on a subconscious level? Share your experience in the comments.

Lisa - Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano October 30, 2012 at 02:34 PM
I really don't feel that signs influence voters -- at least not me. It is possible on a subconscious level though I guess. I read about the candidates in the news, on their websites, where ever I can and then try to determine who I think would be the best person for the job.


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