Walnut Creek Patch Voter Guide

Here is a complete list of national, state and local measures and candidates.

The 2012 election is shaping up to be a nail biter at all levels -- federal, state and local. There are many candidates and ballot measures, and it can all get to be a bit daunting. Patch is here to help. Here is a list of all the races Walnut Creek voters will be deciding on Tuesday. Don't forget to vote. 

President/Vice President of the United States

Barack Obama/Joseph Biden, Democratic

Jill Stein/Cheri Honkala, Green

Jerry White/Phyllis Scherrer (Write-In)

Ross C. "Rocky" Anderson/Luis J. Rodriguez (Write-In)

Roseanne Barr/Cindy Sheehan, Peace and Freedom

Sheila "Samm" Tittle/Matthew Allen Turner (Write-In)

Gary Johnson/James P. Gray, Libertarian

Ron Paul/Andrew Napolitano (Write-In)

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan, Republican

Thomas Hoefling/Robert Ornelas, American Independent

Virgil Goode/James Clymer (Write-In)

Stewart Alexander/Alex Mendoza (Write-In)

James Harris/Alyson Kennedy (Write-In)

Stephen Durham/Christina Lopez (Write-In)

United States Senator

Elizabeth Emken, Republican

Dianne Feinstein, Democratic

United States Representative; District 11

George Miller, Democratic

Virginia Fuller, Republican

United States Representative; District 15

Fortney Pete Stark, Democratic

Eric Swalwell, Democratic

Statewide Ballot Measures

Proposition 30 Temporary Taxes to Fund Education. Guaranteed Local Public Safety Funding. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Proposition 31 State Budget. State and Local Government. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute.

Proposition 32 Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction. Contributions to Candidates. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 33 Auto Insurance Companies. Prices Based on Driver's History of Insurance Coverage. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 34 Death Penalty. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 35 Human Trafficking. Penalties. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 36  Three Strikes Law. Repeat Felony Offenders. Penalties. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 37 Genetically Engineered Foods. Labeling. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 38 Tax to Fund Education and Early Childhood Programs. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 39 Tax Treatment for Multistate Businesses. Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Funding. Initiative Statute.

Proposition 40 Redistricting. State Senate Districts. Referendum.

State Senate, District 7 

Mark Desaulnier; Democratic, state senator/small business owner

Mark P. Meuser; Republican; lawyer, business owner

Member of the State Assembly; District 16

Al Phillips, Republican, construction superintendent

Joan Buchanan, Democratic, state assembly member


Council Member; City of Walnut Creek (3 Elected)

Justin Wedel

Barry Grove

Bob Simmons

Kish Rajan (Withdrawn)

Loella Haskew

School Board

Board Member; Mount Diablo Unified School District (2 Elected)

Brian T. Lawrence

Ernie Detrinidad (Withdrawn)

Sherry Weinert Whitmarsh

Debra Mason

Barbara Oaks


Director; Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (3 Elected)

Paul H. Causey

Deborah Hinkson

Richard Clark

Tad J. Pilecki

James A. Nejedly

Barbara Hockett


Measure A: Contra Costa Community College District parcel tax

Measure Q: Contra Costa Fire Protection District parcel tax

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Triple Canopy November 03, 2012 at 01:02 AM
Vote for America. Vote Romney/Ryan.
CT- West November 03, 2012 at 03:26 PM
Vote--- No Incumbents
I wonder November 05, 2012 at 03:34 AM
I wonder what kind of council member Loella Haskew would make when she breaks the law by littering the side of the 680 off-ramp at Ygnacio (state property) with campaign signs. This is not only unattractive but is a clear violation of Walnut Creek election rules and state law.
Squirt November 06, 2012 at 02:39 AM
OBAMA! No Romney/Ryan. Seriously littering? All of them are guilty of some type of littering...our TVs, Internet, Social Networks...You are concerned about littering when our schools are struggling, people do not have enough to eat or a place to sleep...or medical insurance..SERIOUSLY..Get a clue!


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