Leaders in Concord and Clayton Share New Year's Resolutions

Who promised to get back on the treadmill and be less of a sore loser on "Words with Friends"? Find out here. What do you think local leaders should be promising for 2013?

Concordians and Claytonians are looking back on 2012 as the year draws to a close and may be wondering: how can I do better next year? How can I be better? And how can I make my community a better place to live?

In the spirit of the season, local leaders shared their New Year's resolutions with the Contra Costa Times — and the promises for 2013 ranged from serious to silly.

Concord Mayor Dan Helix set the goal to "encourage common sense and fairness." He also wants to cut back on his chocolate and doughnut intake.

Clayton Councilman Howard Geller promised to get back on the treadmill and not get upset when he loses on the popular smartphone game, "Words with Friends."

Contra Costa Supervisor Karen Mitchoff wants to donate her unworn shoes and purses to a worthy cause, and "ace the 'Jeopardy' online test" so she can become a contestant one day.

Contra Costa Clerk-Recorder Steve Weir set the goal to finish the mahogany owl carving he last worked on in February of 1979. Weir also wants to "lose 10 pounds, grow two inches and cycle 6,000 miles in 2013 without one flat tire."

What do you think local leaders should be promising in 2013? Share your ideas in the comments below.


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