Farmers Market Attendance Drops In Concord

There was a decrease of 32.7 percent in total attendance from 2011 and 2012, partly due to a reduction of four Thursday evening live concerts at Todos Santos Plaza.

A Concord city report details the loss of attendance to Todos Santos Plaza farmers markets in 2012 because of fewer live music concerts.

The Thursday evening concerts were cut by four shows in 2012 and the Tuesday lunchtime market music program was eliminated. The shows were curtailed in part because of a loss of revenue in 2012 after the state restructured funding for redevelopment agencies, including Concord's.

Total attendance for Thursday evening markets/ concerts was listed at 112,400 in 2011, dropping to 75,700. That's a drop of 32.7 percent. See the attached chart.

In 2012, the Thursday night market averaged 3,700 in attendance per market day, and the Tuesday market about 2,000 during the April through October time frame of the Thursday markets, according to a report prepared by John Montagh, economic development and housing manager for the city of Concord. The report is attached to this article as a PDF.

The report was drafted as the City Council earlier this month authorized Interim City Manager Valerie Barrone to enter into a new three-year agreement with Pacific Coast Farmers Market. Pacific Coast has operated farmers markets in Concord since 1992. (The Thursday evening markets date from 1996.)


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