CVCHS Supporters Tell MDUSD Board They Want Final Decision by Oct. 25

Mayor David Shuey and Councilman Joe Medrano push for a broader discussion and quicker action on the charter petition.

The discussion of the current state of the Clayton Valley Charter High School petition continued to be a major focus at the Mt. Diablo Unified School District’s meeting Tuesday night.

This was the first school board meeting since the board of education’s decision to approve the Clayton Valley High School charter school, with conditions.

Board member Cheryl Hansen challenged the previous ruling on the Clayton Valley charter petition, made on Sept. 13, and members of the Clayton City Council spoke out against the ruling.

Hansen read a prepared statement on the issue after the comments from the public, saying that she will have the charter petition on the agenda for the Oct. 12 meeting.

Board President Gary Eberhart let Hansen complete most of her statement. He did cut in and said, “This meeting it would be out of order for us to discuss something that is not on the agenda…I am willing to accept the agenda item.”

Eberhart then concluded the public comment section and the matter was not raised again.

Clayton Mayor David Shuey spoke during the public comment.

“As you know, this is our first opportunity to publicly comment on your decision of last meeting. Obviously you are well aware of our deep disappointment as what we see as a de facto denial of the charter petition…The de facto denial comes about in the fact that we can’t go to the Contra Costa County Board of Education to get our charter school number and receive funding. We can’t go to banks because we are not a legal entity to get a line of credit or a loan so that we can hire our executive director and move forward with the charter school. So for all intensive purposes we don’t exist in all those that matter to make sure that this becomes a reality for next year.”

Mayor Shuey also outlined the actions that the Clayton Valley Charter High School petitioners are taking to improve on their proposal.

“We have pledged to provide you, by Oct. 12, with all of the information we can for all of the 50 conditions," Shuey said. "We are going to get some of that to you as early as tomorrow. We are going to continue to feed it to you but we will get it to you by Oct. 12. What we ask is that you commit to making a final and unequivocal decision on Oct. 25.”

Clayton Councilman Joe Medrano also had recommendations for the MDUSD board members.

Medrano said, “The committee is doing everything they can to meet your needs by Oct. 12, so that you can make a decision by Oct. 25… if the facts that come up to you by the 25th are not enough to approve it, because you are still unsure, then deny it, do the right thing and deny it so they can move to the county.”

Earlier in the meeting, President Eberhart and Superintendent Steven Lawrence congratulated the schools in the district who improved on their Academic Performance Index (API).

Also, Lawrence reported that 98 percent of the students or 15,308 of the 15,654 students in the district, have submitted their t-dap proof of receiving the shot or submitted a waiver.

Students must turn in their paperwork by Friday or they will not be able to attend school until the required papers are turned in.

Lawrence added that t-dap shots will be administered at the Pittsburg public health facility on Wednesday, Sept. 28. from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. In addition, shots will also be administered at the Concord public health facility on Friday, Sept. 30 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


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