Council Selects Dan Helix as Mayor of Concord

The Concord City Council voted unanimously Tuesday evening to put Dan Helix into the mayor's seat. Tim Grayson was selected as vice mayor.

Concord's new mayor is Dan Helix.

Former Mayor Ron Leone relinquished his post in Tuesday evening's council meeting, switching seats and titles with Helix after the resolution was passed unanimously. Helix is serving his fourth term on the Concord City Council following a win in the Nov. 6 election. His first term ran from 1968 to 1976, a period during which he also served as mayor.

The council selects a new mayor and vice mayor each year.

Council member Laura Hoffmeister nominated Tim Grayson as vice mayor and the council agreed. Grayson then put Helix forward for mayor, and the motion was seconded and approved without dissent.

New Council member Edi Birsan was the only one to comment after the decisions were made, saying that he wanted to make clear his reasons for voting in favor of Helix and Grayson. 

"The policy that I will use in my votes is as follows," he said, "— if there's only one candidate, they have my full support."

Helix has long been a proponent of the Concord Naval Weapons Station redevelopment, and told Concord Patch back in November that this is an issue he intends to focus on during this term on the council, along with marketing downtown development opportunities and reviving the Youth Council.

Read more about Dan Helix on Concord Patch.

What do you think of the choice of Dan Helix as mayor? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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