Concord City Council Candidates Sign Fair Campaign Pledge

Eleven candidates are vying for two seats on Concord's City Council.

All 11 candidates for Concord City Council in the Nov.6 consolidated general municipal election have subscribed to the Fair Campaign Pledge included in the City's Election Ordinance.

The candidates include Ed Birsan, a Concord business owner, Robert David Camacho, a technology order representative, Marnie Sheehan Carter, a paralegal/legal educator, Suzanne H. Davis-Lucey, a deputy conservator, Dan Helix, appointed Councilmember, Alany Helmantoler, a legal consultant, Terry Kremin, a scientist/educator, Vernon Kurpieski, a coach/retired retail, Harmesh Kumar, a psychologist/businessman, Carol Longshore, a therapist/instructor, and Tim McGallian, Concord Commissioner/businessperson.

The purpose of the Fair Campaign ordinance is to emphasize the need for fair campaigns, to make all candidates for city offices aware of the City's commitment to fair campaigns, to specify the characteristics of a fair campaign, and to give every candidate for city office the opportunity to commit him or herself to fair campaign practices.

For more information, contact City Clerk Mary Rae Lehman, 671-3495.

City of Concord Fair Campaign Pledge

1.  I shall conduct my campaign for city office openly and fairly.

2.  I shall discuss the issues and participate in fair debate with respect to my views and qualifications.

3.  I shall not engage in, or permit, defamatory attacks on the character of my opponents; nor shall I engage in unwarranted invasions of personal privacy unrelated to campaign issues.

4.  I shall not, at any time, use or permit the use of any campaign material or advertisement that misrepresents, distorts, or otherwise falsifies the facts regarding any candidate or the candidate's position on issues.

5.  I shall clearly identify myself, or my campaign committee(s), as the sender of all of my campaign mailings.

6.  I shall personally approve, in writing, all of my campaign materials, advertisements, or mailings prior to their use.

7.  I shall publicly repudiate support derived from any individual or group whose activities would violate this Fair Campaign Pledge.

8.  I shall file all campaign statements as required by the California Political Reform Act and city ordinance on time, with full disclosure of campaign contributions and expenditures.

9.  I shall not duplicate or use any lists of contributors filed by any other candidates for the purpose of compiling my own mailing lists without the permission of the other candidate.

10. I, the undersigned candidate for election to a city office in the City of Concord, hereby voluntarily endorse, subscribe to, and solemnly pledge myself to conduct my campaign in accordance with the above principles and practices.

-City of Concord


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