Concord and Clayton Election Results 2012: Dan Helix and Edi Birsan Win in Concord

Concord Patch followed the local races all election day, talking to voters and providing updates. Here are the results and stores from the 2012 election in Concord and Clayton.

MEAURE A RESULTS: The measure to add a parcel tax to help fund the Contra Costa Community College District needs two-thirds to pass and is therefore failing.

MEASURE J RESULTS: The measure to make the Concord City Treasurer an appointed position is failing.

MEASURE Q RESULTS: The measure to add a parcel tax to help fund the Contra Costa Fire Protection District needs two-thirds to pass and is therefore failing.

The results are complete for Concord, Clayton and the Mt. Diablo Unified School District races. In Concord, an interesting dynamic was revealed as Dan Helix and Edi Birsan won the two seats. The Concord Police Association, which supported Dan Helix as well as Tim McGallian, spent thousands of dollars sending out anti-Birsan campaign mailers. Some voters at the polls in Concord Tuesday said the mailers had actually turned them into supporters of Birsan, rather than opponents.

In Clayton, two of the three open council seats will be filled by Julie Pierce and Howard Geller. A tight contest for the third between Jim Diaz and Kevin Liberman brought Diaz out on top to take the position.

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Update 9 p.m. — The presidential race has been called for Obama. Meanwhile, Suzanne Davis-Lucey is hosting an election party at Magoo's Grill in Pleasant Hill. She says's she'll sing karaoke if she wins.

The vote-by-mail ballots counted for the Concord and Clayton city council races, with Dan Helix and Edi Birsan in the lead for Concord and Julie Pierce, Howard Geller and Jim Diaz winning for Clayton.

Update 7:40 p.m. — There's a clear after-work rush at the polls in Concord before they close at 8 p.m., but no sign of any long lines. 

Update 6 p.m. — Contra Costa County Registrar of Voters Steve Weir said Tuesday afternoon that he expected a lower voter turnout in this election of around 80 percent, down from 2008's 87 percent. Watch the video interview with Weir here.

Update 5:45 p.m. — Local candidates will be hosting election parties this evening in and around Concord. Feel free to drop by to show your support and party, or commiserate. .

Update 2:30 p.m. — Marnie Sheehan-Carter, one of the 11 candidates for Concord City Council, says that voters should remember how important their votes are in the local elections. Watch the video interview with her here.

Update 12:30 p.m. — Voters at the polls Tuesday morning had very different perspectives on the local, state and national races. One couple leaving the polls said they had each voted for a different presidential candidate — one for Romney and the other for Obama. Concord voter Daniel Clancy said he followed the Democratic Party's endorsements in all races, except for Proposition 34 — he disagreed that the death penality should be abolished across the board, stating that death row inmates who plead guilty to their crimes should still be executed. Watch a video chat with Clancy here as part of the "Voter Chat" series today on Concord Patch.

Update 10:45 a.m. — Some voters at a Concord polling station had to vote using a provisional ballot this morning, since poll workers either could not find them on the list of registered voters or they had been listed as "vote by mail." If you're registered to vote by mail and decide to vote in person, you must bring your vote-by-mail ballot to the polling station to relinquish it before you will be able to vote using a proper ballot.

Update 10:25 a.m. — The Concord Senior Center is not a polling place for this election, even though it was in 2008. If you voted at the Senior Center in 2008, you're new polling place is probably the First Christian Church at 3039 Willow Pass Road. Double-check your polling place by clicking here and entering the address where you're registered to vote.


Election day is here, and Concordians and Claytonians are heading to the polls to vote in the races that hit home — the local elections for city and school district leadership, as well as county measures.

Voters in Concord will be electing two candidates to the city council, meanwhile, voters next door in Clayton will be electing three council members. Both will be choosing two members of Mount Diablo Unified School District's governing board.

There are also a couple of local measures — Measure A, an $11 annual parcel tax to benefit the Contra Costa Community College District, and Measure Q, a $75 parcel tax to help fund the Contra Costa Fire Protection District.

Read the Concord Patch election guide for the list of candidates, propositions and measures appearing on your ballot, with links to candidate Q&As and further information. Use the quick-start guide to California's 11 propositions to help decipher what the various measures imply.

Concord Patch will have live results for all of these races the minute polls close at 8 p.m. Also, check in on the presidential election and statewide contests, including the 11 propositions on the California ballot. 

Heading out to vote? Click here to find your polling place. 

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Did you vote today? How are you feeling about the local races? Share your experience and thoughts in the comments below. 


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