City Council Votes To Return All Of Main Street To Two Way Traffic - What Do You Think?

The vote was three to two in favor of returning the 500 block of Main St. back to two-way traffic.

Downtown streets, including the controversial 500 block of Main Street, will be returned to two way traffic, despite nearly two hours of testimony from proponents and those who wanted to see Main Street all one way.

After a two hour workshop Wednesday evening, where engineers Mitch Avalon and Dick Duncan presented renderings of what Main Street could look like with one way traffic from Alhambra Ave. to Court St., the City Council voted 3-2 to return all of Main St. to one way.

There was testimony from many shop owners at Wednesday’s workshop. Those on the 500 block supported keeping the street one way, arguing that it slowed traffic and helped attract customer attention to shops and restaurants there.

But shop owners in other blocks of Main were opposed to turning the whole street into one way, saying it would make deliveries and customer parking more difficult than it already is.

After the workshop, the council continued taking public comments at its regular meeting, but in the end, Mayor Rob Schroder and councilmembers Mike Menesini and Janet Kennedy opted to return the 500 block back to two way traffic, citing public safety concerns.

“As much as I appreciate all the work that’s gone into the alternatives, my original priority has always been public safety,” Kennedy said. “Downtown has enough problems. I support everything going two way.”

“This is the right decision for the community,” said Menesini.

“There are two sure things going to happen – merchants and property owners are going to scream bloody murder, and second thing is after six month, everybody will have forgotten about it because it will be so successful,” said Mayor Rob Schroder.

“You’re willing to forge ahead and destroy what’s there now,” said Lara DeLaney.

Do you think the council made the right decision? Tell us in the comments.

Snafuli Patchouli June 11, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Or Wait, Maybe P. O'Con nnelly is the girl put on the Planning Commission, Main Street, and General Plan update for all of Dunivan benefitting decisions, beginning with 1.4 million dollars for that uptilted lot. The future includes the past, and cannot exist without it. You have no understanding of such things, even though most great cities do. Minions, onions, our crying is a result of--or a precursor to--our actions. I can see through your rhetoric. & Btw, I know you're not Veronica Nebb. She is brilliant, even if it makes me angry that she gets paid with our tax dollars to do Dunivan's will as well. No wonder she can afford to give out half cookies.
Paul L Wilson June 11, 2012 at 06:06 PM
Why are their pictures of pockets attached to this article? Not even pockets that are of Martinez pockets but from all over the U.S?
Chris Kapsalis June 11, 2012 at 07:11 PM
Hope I am not out of line Paul but I believe, don't quote me, that patch members can post pictures to articles if they want, even questionable ones as long as they are related somehow to the article. Are these? It is a stretch imo. . also I think if people find a photo objectionable, esp obscene, they can flag it.Not sure why someone did post these pictures though, could even be from outside of Martinez. Are there names credited to the pics?
Anne Mobley June 12, 2012 at 12:36 AM
I just don't understand why some people want a cookie-cutter look to our Main Street. The 500 block has character because it is different. I hope other pockets are all different too, but none will look as charming as what we have and when it is destroyed, you will see a change not for the better on that block. But I still say shame on the Mayor and Council and their leader who want what we have come to enjoy for 14 years WITHOUT AN ACCIDENT destroyed. There has never been a safety problem -- someone should tell that to Janet Kennedy who cast the deciding vote based on public safety at the last meeting. Which begs the question, just who is leading our Councilmembers to such a conclusion? And why? I think most of us know. And it is not a conspiracy theory, it is just fact. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably IS a duck. And that duck has been quacking for a long time to get rid of the success of the 500 block and that duck's little ducklings echo the same old same old, trying to cause discourse within the merchant community when they are the cause but place the blame where it does not belong.
Cheryll June 12, 2012 at 12:52 PM
I heard a comment that the exisiting configuration of 500 block was deadending the street and thought about that statement. I think it isn't true technically but may partially have that effect, at least to traffic but that is what is good about it. 1.it turns that end of martinez into a "flow" pattern that brings people INTO the street and not OFF OF it (leaving downtown). 2.That presents a kind of fung shui that creates an energy that flows INTO downtown & not AWAY. 3.Fewer cars allows for more visibility of people, products, landscaping, things condusive to People not Traffic (which is as it should be unless you want just another through street-hwy-freeway). This will not create any additional safety but instead it is certainly NOT as safe because 2 way traffic there will allow more vehicles, thereby more danger to pedestriansm, & with no stop signs on Main, faster traffic to get "through" the street as an artery not a destination. The feel as a two way section will be like rain water running out to the delta, emptying directly into a neighborhood which is not a destination for many/most. The reality is it is emptying into the major connective streets to head elsewhere. It's effect, a non personal emptying feeling, and the block is still very far to go for employees of the County, rushing to get through a break time. The 500 block is only a destination to people who are coming here for just the purpose and time, to spend enjoying the ambiance that is that block.


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