BART Board Approves 3.7 Percent Raises for General Manager, Top Officials

BART directors voted unanimously today to give raises totaling about 3.7 percent this year to General Manager Grace Crunican and other top officials at the transit agency. 

The percentage increase in compensation and benefits for the top executives is the same that employees represented by labor unions received in a new contract that was approved early this year, BART spokesman Jim Allison said. 

That's in line with BART's historical practice of giving similar raises to top officials to those it gives to rank-and-file workers, he said. BART directors voted to give Crunican and the other top executives raises of 1.86 percent retroactive to Jan. 1 plus another 1.8 percent increase on July 1, according to Allison. 

Crunican's raise will increase the $323,200 compensation and benefit package she received in 2013. The other top officials affected by the vote today are general counsel Matthew Burrows, controller-treasurer Scott Schroeder, district secretary Kenneth Duran and independent police auditor Mark Smith. 

—By Bay City News
El Comentarista April 11, 2014 at 12:49 PM
BART is run by elected board members! they have lied to the public and to employees, hired a union busting adviser who took them for a ride and ultimately lost a battle with a strong union. Why does the GM deserve a raise? if months ago they were crying poverty? voters get what they elect, remember this come June !


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