Thieves Ram Market Window, Grab ATM and Peel Out in Less Than a Minute

Police are looking for two suspects who drove a truck into the window of the Sunnyvale Market.

Police are looking for two suspects who drove a truck through the window of a market and stole an automated teller machine.

The incident happened at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday at the Sunnyvale Market, 1512 Sunnyvale Ave., in northern Walnut Creek.

Lt. Bryan Hill said the robbers drove a white or yellow truck through the market's front window.

The two suspects then jumped out of the vehicle, picked up the ATM and loaded it into the back of the truck.

They then sped off. The entire incident took less than a minute.

Police have survelliance video of the crime, but the robbers wore masks and gloves, so there is no detailed description.

Hill said it also isn't known how much money was in the ATM.


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