The Testimony of a Home-Invasion Victim

Ryan Clark remembers the terror of May 7, the 'rattling of stun guns' and a gun held to his temple in Countrywood Court robbery.

There's nothing as powerful as the undiluted story of a crime victim.

Ryan Clark, whose family was victimized by a home invasion robbery May 7 on Countrywood Court in Walnut Creek, wrote a long comment at the bottom of the Patch story about the crime. We reprint the comment here, with a little bit of editing, so more Patch readers can see it.

The following is Clark's version — the parenthesis is from the editor:

I was the one robbed and I'm glad to hear that residents are worried about LucasFilms and not the safety of the residents of Walnut Creek (this refers to a commenter taking note of the crime and the city's attempt to attract LucasFilms to build an office in Shadelands). This was a very scary event and for about 15 minutes we did not know if we would live to see another day as guns were held to our temples and the rattling of stun guns kept going off all while the only thing we could see was the carpet with our heads into the ground all while holding onto our dogs' legs as they tried to attack the assailants. They threatened to kill our dogs.

Home invasions are the ultimate low-life crime as everybody should at least feel safe in the security of their own homes. I was the one to answer the door, and tried to help out a supposed poor lady whose car had broken down. What did I get but a gun to my head and all my possessions, even my clothes, stolen. So please if anybody knows anything regarding this event, please call Detective Morehouse or Officer Bower. You can stay anonymous and you would be doing the right thing. Remember Karma can be a bitch or a blessing, based on whether or not you do the right thing!


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