Photos: SUV Veers Off 242 and Crashes, Almost Lands on Car Dealership

One man was rescued by ConFire crews in Thursday morning accident.

First responders rescued a man Thursday morning in Concord after a single-vehicle accident on northbound Highway 242.

ConFire crews secured the SUV to a fire engine with chains just in case the car slipped off the steep hill where it landed around 9:40 a.m., between 242 and a the car dealership.

"The car went up in the air after hitting the first tree," said Trevor Clymens, a technician at the dealership and first person to run up the hill to check on the driver's condition. 

"He didn't say anything when I went to make sure he was OK, but I told him help was on the way," Clymens told Patch at the scene.

ConFire personnel could not comment on the condition of the driver, who was transported to an area hospital.

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