Stranger Danger: El Dorado Seventh-Grade Girl Asked to Get into Van Monday

Man in his 30's repeatedly asked girl to get into his van Monday morning near the Concord middle school, according to a Mt. Diablo Unified official.

Mt. Diablo Unified parents today received a stranger danger alert after after a seventh grade female student was asked by a stranger to get into his vehicle Monday near El Dorado Middle School.

Two sixth graders were also approached on March 26, prompting a similar response from the district. 

Mt. Diablo Unified's Superintendent, Steven Lawrence, on April 16, 2012 :

Click here to hear the audio while reading:

"... If you're listening to this message on speakerphone with small children present you may want to take it off of speaker phone.

This morning a seventh grade girl notified El Dorado Middle School administration that while she was walking to school on Glazier Road in Concord a man in a beige passenger van, not minivan, but regular van stopped her and asked her to get into his vehicle. She said 'no' and walked away. He continued to ask her to get into the van stating he would give her a ride to school. She repeatedly told him no.

She went to a safe location and called her parent. Her parent picked her up and brought her to school. A school resource officer met with her and took down her information.

The man is described as being bald, in his 30's, heavy-set, with a black moustache and goatee; possibly of Polynesian descent.

the purpose of this phone call is to ask you to remind your children not to speak with strangers in cars while going to and from school. if a stranger bothers them on the way to or from school. If a stranger bothers them on the way to or from school, they should tell school administration or they parent immediately upon arriving at shcool or home just as this student did. Also there's safety in numbers, so if at all possible, have you children walk to or from school with other students."


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