Police: Missing Teen Has Assured Friends He is All Right

Bogdan Predescu of Walnut Creek took his mother's car July 10.

Missing 17-year-old Bogdan Predescu has spoken to friends, saying he is in Southern California and not ready to come home to Walnut Creek yet, police said Thursday.

"We are still investigating this case as a runaway juvenile," Pleasant Hill Police Lt. Dan Connelly wrote in an email to Patch. "We have spoken to one of his friends who has admitted speaking to him on the phone.  He told his friend that he was in Southern California, that he was fine, and wasn’t ready to come home yet."

After an emotional evening with his mother July 9, Predescu took her Honda Civic without permission and apparently left Walnut Creek without taking his cell phone,, Adina Ionesco. He had told friends of a long list of places he might go, including Southern California and Lake Tahoe.

Some friends have been worried about the possibility that Predescu, due to be a senior at Las Lomas High in Walnut Creek this fall, was abducted. A Facebook page called "Finding Bogdan" has 785 attending it and posters have suggested ways to locate the teenager.

One person writes on the Facebook page: "I don't know how we could do this but setting up a link for donations for a reward for his safe return to first person with accurate info."

"We have distributed fliers on the missing runaway to Southern California police departments," said Connelly. "We do not know what he is doing for money. We have one detective assigned who works this case along with other similar runaway cases."

Jeff July 29, 2011 at 12:06 AM
Wow this info sounds "patchy" to me! If the police contacted the girl who's saying on facebook she spoke with the missing teen, than Lt. Connelly does not tell us more than we already knew since Sunday from Facebook! I just don't know what to say anymore, but if the police give info only based on what a fiften year old girl say then it's very, very sad and not good at al for our safetyl! Has the Lt. Connelly spoke with his mom at least? He had a fun and happy three weeks vacation with his familly and relatives from Romania, traveling all over CA, Las Vegas and Grand Canyon, before Saturday July 9 (see pics on fb)! This teen had no serious arguments or fights with his mother in more then a year! Even that one argument from a year ago was clarified and forgiven by both according to his mom! He is a happy and responsible teen who loves and cares very much for his mom. Even if that young girl said ''he is fine" to me he is not as soon as he doesn't contact his mom to tell her in person!!! I understand the police has a big load of runaway cases, but i don't understand why they give info based on what a fiften year old girl says!! She's just a random friend from facebook!! They didn't know each other, according to his mom who knows all his good and close friends! I known this fam and this teen for quite some time!
tough critic July 30, 2011 at 07:07 PM
This young man has been missing now for three weeks! Has this been on the news? Has it been published in the local print newspaper? I know this family personally as well, and it seems like the media could help out more.


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