Coffee Maker Gets the Best of $200K RV

An expensive recreational vehicle burned to flames this morning in Concord after an East County man started making coffee before work.

Norberto Andrade wanted a fresh cup of coffee Tuesday morning before tackling work on what he said is likely the most challenging house ever renovated by his construction company. Instead, the East County man found the recreational vehicle he spent nearly $200,000 on, in flames. 

"... stolen electrical wires, copper pipes, squatters, car crashing in, you name it, it's happened at this house," said Andrade about the property on the 4000 block of Mendocino Drive where the RV was parked. "Then, this morning, this [fire.]"

Andrade said he heard a loud explosion around 9 a.m. while inside the property, where minutes before he had plugged in a coffee machine via an electrical cord extended inside the 2004 Cayman Monaco RV. 

"I ran to the street, thinking something big had happened, then saw smoke in the back of the house," said Andrade. "I wish it had been the [decaying] house instead." 

ConFire engines six and eight had the fire under control quickly, but the fire burned fast inside the vehicle - camping gear and family photos included. See photos above.

"This house is an eye sore and attracts all kinds of [negative] attention," said Koorosh Ghahremani, who lives near the deteorated property Andrade said has been for the most part abandoned in the last five years. "I'm glad [Andrade] is here to fix it, but he's definitely got his hands full with this."

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