Clayton Police to Serve as First Responders in Cardiac Emergencies

Trained officers will carry defibrillators in order to provide faster response times for heart attacks, cardiac arrests and other cardiovascular emergencies.

The Clayton Police Department is equipping officers with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in an effort to improve response times and outcomes in cardiovascular emergencies.

The new Public Safety Defibrillation Program is funded entirely by grant monies received from the National Heart Council, according to an announcement from Clayton Police Chief Dan Lawrence, at no cost to the city.

The sooner first responders are able to reach and treat a victim of a heart attack or cardiac arrest, the more likely the sufferer will survive, health experts say. Police officers who are already on patrol in the community can play a valuable part in cardiac emergencies by improving response times, according to the Clayton Police Department.

The idea came from Officer Jason Shaw, the department says, who recommended that Clayton police add this new service enhancement. Officer Shaw then prepared a formal Grant Proposal to the National Emergency Medicine Association (NEMA), which was subsequently approved, allowing the Clayton Police Department to buy four defibrillators.

Two patrol vehicles will be equipped with AEDs and a third will be stationed in City Hall. The fourth defibrillator will be used by Clayton officers during special events.

Clayton officers have received training in the operation and proper use of the AED, according to Clayton PD. 

“It is a strong commitment and concern for quality public services that prompted Officer Shaw and the Clayton Police Department to seek out and implement this Grant program opportunity," said City Manager Gary Napper, as quoted in a press release. "The City of Clayton is pleased to now offer this heart safe service to our community and its visitors."

Do you think it's a good idea that police officers respond to cardiac emergencies? Should the City of Concord follow suit? Share your thoughts below.


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