Children Among 4 Injuries in Major Willow Pass Road Accident

Two young children and two adults were transported to area hospitals in a Saturday afternoon accident on Willow Pass Road and Port Chicago Highway; nearby streets were blocked as emergency personnel responded.

Two young children and two adults were transported to area hospitals with minor to serious injuries following a two-car accident at the corner of Willow Pass Road and Port Chicago Highway Saturday.

Though the extent of injuries could not be confirmed, an unidentified ConFire paramedic said the children were transported to Oakland's Children's Hospital and John Muir Medical Center, in Walnut Creek. 

"This is awful," said Maria Delgado, 43, who stood waching emergency personell rescue the injured parties.

"Thank God for seatbelts," said Delgado. "... but even then, it really hurts to see those kids like that," while paramedics loaded a girl who appeared to be around 10 years of age and a boy, apparently half that age, into ambulances.

At least 5 ambulances, a fire engine and multiple police cars and officers were at the scene where stand-byers watched as the concerned and visibly upset father of the children arrived minutes after the accident, just after those injured had been transported to the hospital.

The involved cars were a mid-90s model green Saturn sedan, which rested in the Willow Pass Rad Divider and a white Toyota pick-up, early 90s model, which rested in the middle of Port Chicago Highway; both vehicles sustained major damage. 

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District Personel could not share the ages or other details of any of the involved parties.

Did you see this accident or get stuck in traffic? Share with us what you witnessed via the comments section, below.

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