Still Time to Take the March Survey

This month's questions look at redevelopment, safety and political affiliation of city's elected officials.

By Edi Birsan

The March survey at the Pulse of Concord is still going and if you have not checked in and voted please do so.

An interesting topical divide is showing on Question 9 with 40 percent thinking it is a great idea to eliminate the Redevelopment Agency and 30 percent disagreeing, while 30 percent are either neutral (20 percent) or do not know enough about it to decide.  

It would be great to get more views on this topic as its elimination was one vote shy in the recent budget battery of bills and may be revisited. It also has an impact on the Concord Naval Weapon Station.

There is also an interesting response set on the question of the importance of political party affiliation in City politics.

The current City Council has three Republicans and two Democrats.  

The city safety quotient seems to be under attack again when people are asked if they are more safe than they were last year as well as the perception of blight in "your" neighborhood.

However in all these cases there has been some shifting trends in the responses which may be a reflection of the coverage in the local blogs and media...which by the way you are saying that you daily use more blogs, Internet and TV than newspapers. However TV websites are not as popular, which is interesting.

Topics suggest for next month include:

1. Rezoning neighborhoods to more mixed development

2. School planning

3. Events at Todos Santos

4. Volunteer opportunities

5. Crime type affecting you

6. What is community policing?

7. Corruption perception

8. traffic patterns and alternate route construction

... and maybe more topics that YOU suggest.


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