Schools Closures, Valentine's Day Highlight Week

Eberhart's surprise proposal to move Westwood Elementary students throws another wrinkle into the school closures issue.

As a new Sunday feature, Concord Patch will highlight five of the most interesting and entertaining features from the past week—in case you missed them.

1.     —The Mount Diablo Unified School District made the grueling decision to close Holbrook Elementary and Glenbrook Middle schools. And board president Gary Eberhart threw in a surprise suggestion: make Westwood Elementary all sixth grade, moving Westwood students to Mountain View.

2.     —Real-estate writer Julie Clairmont provided an overview of the housing markets in Clayton and Concord.

3.     —Check out our list of romantic places to share a Valentine's Day lunch or dinner; be sure to see the comments following the article for some more suggestions, as well.

4.     —Concord’s Ale Industries is another jewel in the city’s “Beer & Wine Ghetto.”

5.    —The Mayor's annual Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Feb. 7 was a chance for Mayor Laura Hoffmeister to explain how Gov. Brown's plan to eliminate redevelopment agencies will impact Concord. Hint: It's not good.

Susan Hernandez February 14, 2011 at 07:20 PM
This wrinkle should have never been thrown into the mix. I would be sad and dissapointed if Westwood was in the mix from the beginning, but at least then it would have been researched and had input from the community. Taking less than 2 weeks to make the decision to close down a CA distinguished school is completely irresponsible of the school board. The school closure committee and the paid consultant never came up with this as an option. It is a bad ideaand Gary Eberhart needs to retract this idea that he says he is not "married to". Again, completely irresponsible to make such an important decision of closing a CA distinguished school with only 2 weeks to research.


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