Opinion: Lafayette School Candidates Impress

Letter to the editor: Statements touched on propositions, alternative fund-raising, differentiated instruction and other education issues.

By Patsy Mickens

I am writing to express my strong support of Nancy Wallace and Jean Follmer for the two open positions on the Lafayette School Governing Board.  Wednesday night I attended a school board candidate forum at Stanley Middle School. Three of the four running candidates were present: Nancy Wallace, Jean Follmer and Quinlan Tom. Each candidate made an opening statement and then answered questions from the audience. The audience questions were intelligent and thoughtful. I cannot tell you how impressed I was by the answers given by Ms. Wallace and Ms. Follmer. It was so clear that these women are extremely well versed in the issues affecting our school district.  

Audience questions touched on topics from Props 30/38, Allen Bill transfers, alternative fund raising, differentiated instruction, curriculum and budget cuts. Ms. Wallace and Ms. Follmer just nailed each question. It was easy to see that they are well informed and critically thinking problem solvers with tool kits ready to work immediately and collaboratively on Lafayette district matters.  

I was very glad I could to attend the forum.  It gave the audience great insight into what each candidate will potentially be bringing to the School Board. Voting for Nancy and Jean is an obvious choice.

Patsy Mickens


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