What Should Go Here? Former Suwa's Japanese Restaurant in Todos Santos

What would you like to see at the former Suwa's Japanese Restaurant at Todos Santos Plaza?

Although we’ve already asked you for suggestions on the former Suwa’s Japanese Restaurant last June, the building is still empty and your suggestions submitted here and on Spotmojo give businesses and commercial real estate brokers a place to look for ideas.

This space is located at 2151 Salvio Street in Todos Santos Plaza and was previously Suwa's Japanese Restaurant. Suwa’s closed last June after being in business in Concord for 32 years. The owners provided a statement saying they were closing because of lease expiration. I contacted the owner of the building and confirmed the space is still available and there was nobody lined up to take the space after they left.

The space has over 3000 sq. ft, on a highly desirable corner location at Todos Santos Plaza. It has a complete kitchen, which is quite an investment to build, and because of that it makes sense to keep it as some type of restaurant.

I talked with the owner to get a sense for what he’s looking for. He wants something different: a type of restaurant that isn’t already represented nearby. But he's open to whatever type that might be. He also understands this can be a challenge since there are 25 restaurants within a few blocks. He would prefer a restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, but this isn't necessarily a requirement. Also, they’ll be putting in a patio for outdoor seating.

We would like to hear what type of restaurant you would like to see here. One way to think about it is to think what type of restaurant you have to leave Concord for.

Please submit your suggestions on Spotmojo using this link: http://www.spotmojo.com/openspot/suwa/

You can also use the code "suwa" to find this spot on Spotmojo.com.

Concord Patch is working with Spotmojo to collect your suggestions for vacancies.

Spotmojo is a website where you can suggest the businesses you want where you live, work, or play. The suggestions are provided to new businesses and commercial real estate brokers to help new businesses find their ideal location. This gives you a voice in the businesses that open in your neighborhood and it helps local businesses succeed.

What kind of restaurant do you think Todos Santos Plaza needs? Share your ideas for the former Suwa's location.


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