Does Locking the Classroom Door Really Keep the Kids Safe?

Many school districts have implemented a locked door policy in response to the Sandy Hook school shooting. Patch users weigh in on whether or not locked doors make for safer classrooms. Share your thoughts.

Locking classroom doors during the day, with the intention of keeping kids safe from intruders, has become common practice at local schools. Some have been bolting up for a long time, and others implemented the policy after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut reawakened questions about school safety.

But can locked doors really protect children and teachers from harm?

Do you think locking classroom doors is an effective safety measure? Do they lock the doors at your child's school? Share your thoughts and experiences below.

"It seems someone could easily blow the lock right off," said a commenter on the Lamorinda Patch Facebook page. "Security measures need to be taken from the outside in and not vice versa."

"I think it is a good idea," responds another. "Even [if] someone can blow the locks off, it slows them down. Even 30 seconds of lead time for calling the police may save 10 more lives. Plus, it should be combined with other safety measures to solve the larger problem."

"People moving between classrooms would not be able to enter a room for safety," says another commenter.

"Sounds like common sense," says a commenter on the Concord Patch Facebook page.

"It can't hurt to do it," says another.

"It's a pain to have the knocking interrupt class," says a local teacher, "but it is an option."

"Its a fantastic idea!" says a commenter on the Martinez Patch Facebook page.

"I don't believe that we are really SAFE anywhere," says another. "People can get killed or injured nowadays anywhere, grocery stores, theaters, pumping gas... but I do feel better knowing that people are more aware of this and are trying to at least keep our children secure while they are at school."

"Bullets go through doors and walls," one commenter replies. "It's a false sense of security."

"I'm not sure why we are surprised tragedies like Sandy Hook occur," says another. "Outraged and saddened yes, but not surprised. We live in a country that glorifies violence in many ways. Guaranteed safety isn't possible."

"It sounds like an overreaction... until it's your kids!" one commenter says.

Share your views on the locked classroom door policy below.

MIKE ALFORD January 16, 2013 at 07:27 AM
Do you remember that little boy that was murderd down at the Areba st bridge back in the late 80s it was right there at the Junior high ---- They never found the killer and that happend on a saterday around noon time in the middle of the day here in Martinez -----
Dan Hartwig January 18, 2013 at 02:56 AM
Security requires multiple layers. This is one of those layers. Collaboration between parents,children,educators, community leaders and law enforcement is another layer. Those whom wish to bring harm travel the easiest available route, you can make a difference if you choose to. Be aware of where you are, what is going on around you and those who are watching. Report what your gut tells you "that does not look right/safe/normal/acceptable."
Triple Canopy January 18, 2013 at 03:57 AM
NO. It's simply a "feel-good" false sense of security when the root cause of mass shootings lies in the mentally ill and law-breaking individuals. Look at Chicago... 500 murders in 2012 and they have some of toughest gun laws in the nation. Most of the violence is done with a handgun so Emperor Obama's pursuit to ban high capacity magazines is to appease the uninformed public... it's a sound byte he is after to bolster is pathetic record. It is apparently okay in Chicago for people to get killed one at a time because few will notice. They should change the name of Chicago to "Chicaghistan"
Jed January 18, 2013 at 04:51 AM
VERY WELL SAID, "Triple Canopy". You hit the proverbial nail on the head. The sheep are gathering for the (second and unnecessary) "inauguration" of their Messiah: The MOST PHONEY of ALL TIME.... actually he may think he's right, but then, so did Hitler. Hitler "won" a huge majority in his last election before becoming a dictator, claiming to be the most popular (leader). We all know how well that went. So.. will the "sheep's Messiah" attack the Jews? If not the Jews, who will he condemn and send to camps? This is why we must adhere to, honor and defend OUR CONSTITUTION against all enemies; BOTH foreign and DOMESTIC. I took that oath and have never been relieved of same... nor will I be! NONE of my guns are of the "assault" variety - ALL ARE DEFENSIVE!
Jed January 18, 2013 at 04:53 AM
SHAME on anybody who hides behind children to advance a political agenda.


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