BART Police

I ride my bike to Concord BART Monday - Friday, as I work in San Francisco. I had my bike stolen several months ago, at Concord BART outside in the bike parking area. I told the attendant, he said you can report it, but that's really all. 
I since have a new bike, I park it inside the Concord BART area, right across from the attendant both. I have my bike locked up with two metal u-locks, on each tire, and I take my bike aeat with me. Today I see a little sign on my bike and the other two bikes near mine. From the BART Police, it's a bike form, so that they can ID bike when they are stolen! REALLY? Are you kidding me?? You really believe the bikes are going be any where around there... Why not do a better job at security!! YA!! Prevention, not prosecution! Cause you really are crappy at security.


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