Map: Where Are The Best Places To Kiss In Martinez?

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As Valentine's Day approaches, thoughts turn to things romantic. And what's more romantic than a kiss? 

Martinez abounds with places perfect for a stolen smooch. A bench on the waterfront, a table at or , the top of (once you catch your breath), beneath a tree on a path at , perhaps the walking trail along the ... 

We're inviting you to share your ideas of the best places for a kiss in Martinez. Just click the "Add" button on the map and post a marker for the spot. 

Pucker up. 

Chris Kapsalis February 07, 2012 at 04:05 PM
I posted a photo I took from this parking lot off Arnold drive. I wasn't able to figure out how to add a picture to the new feature map thing, which is really cool btw, , but there is a parking lot of Arnold Drive near Pacheco Blvd with an awesome view of Mount Diablo and the city lights at night. Grizzly peak is also a great place, but locally, this is the spot. Another place just outside of Martinez, I think it's called Dinosaur hill in PH, is nice. A little hike and you can see the whole valley and mountain. But this parking lot off Arnold is really nice. I don't think they mind if you drive up there and park, lots of people go there for the view and to take photos like the one I posted, and kiss of course. : )


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