Concord Launches New Public Engagement Website to Gather Feedback from Residents

Concordians can make their voice heard and communicate with city offices via a new public engagement website.

The City of Concord announces the launch of www.ConcordConnects.org, a new online community engagement website, developed by MindMixer, where citizens can engage and communicate with city officials on a number of topics, including the Downtown Concord Specific Plan. 

As part of the Specific Plan, ConcordConnects will be used as an online tool to generate new ideas and feedback from citizens on promoting downtown Concord as the historic, economic and cultural heart of the city to enhance its strong business climate and bolster the city’s quality of life. The goal is to obtain widespread input and involvement from a range of local and regional agencies, business, community groups and citizens.

City staff will use ConcordConnects to share information about upcoming infrastructure projects, such as the Downtown Sewer and Streetscape Project. ConcordConnects will be an important tool in hearing from residents living in the project area about how the project is impacting the neighborhood. It also allows the City to provide up-to-date scheduling information to impacted residents during this massive, multi-year project.

ConcordConnects allows participants a chance to share new ideas, second others’ ideas, expand upon existing ideas, give feedback on initiatives and collaborate with city officials on a variety of topics online, anytime, from any computer.

Among the topics currently being discussed on the website:

•     Downtown sewer and streetscape improvement survey

•     What people like most about their neighborhood streets

•     How to make neighborhood streets easier for cyclists and pedestrians

•     Exciting features and aspects of downtown Concord

The www.ConcordConnects.org site measures and tracks participation, identifying the most interested citizens and most compelling topics. The online tool makes it easy for administrators to communicate back to the participants. It delivers measurable results and invaluable insights for community leaders and elected officials.

Nick Bowden, CEO of MindMixer, says “Our tools go beyond just technology. Our mission is to build community contributors. Ideas, voices, and perspectives are shared to facilitate deeper and better conversations that yield actionable insights and a stronger community.”

-City of Concord

Leslie White August 30, 2012 at 01:21 AM
Why in the name of common sence is traffic beirn routed off Port Chicago hwy and Olivera road onto Sanford St, which has no continous sidewalks, is narrow iwth drainage ditches on both sides, and School has started with children walking along this narrow road. A disaster looking to happen. Yet one block over is Hillsborough which is wider and has continuous sidewalks. Who thought of this bad idea? Ps Seems as if most every street in Concord ha been repaved... When is Sanford St on the list, its been years. Reply will be appreciate.


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