Off-the-Cuff: Rec Services Have Something for Everyone

Our girl-on-the-street prowls around Concord asking residents about a variety of topics.

Question:  What would you like people to know about Concord Community & Recreation Services?

Speaking off-the-cuff:  Joan Carrico, Concord Community & Recreation Services. Click on the VIDEO to see and hear Joan's answer.

Concord Connections:  Works in Concord; lives in Clayton; favorite Concord haunts, which are located in Willows Shopping Center, include , and ; favorite place to hike in Concord is .

Reporter's Notes: You can visit Concord Community & Recreation Services to find classes and programs and register online at www.concordreg.org.

About this Column: Janice Wells asks people who live, work or hang out in Concord to answer serious and not-so-serious questions on a variety of topics. Want to be part of Concord Patch news by answering "Off-the-Cuff? E-mail  jewells@jps.net.


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