Friday's Cheapest Gas: Aug. 19

A daily list of the cheapest unleaded in town.

$3.52   Costco: 2400 Monument Blvd. at Detroit Avenue

$3.52   Bonfare Market: 3598 Willow Pass Road at Granada Drive

$3.55   ARCO: 2490 Monument Blvd. at Detroit Avenue

$3.59   World: Clayton Road at Barbis Way

$3.61   Ultra: 3400 Willow Pass Road at Farm Bureau Road

$3.61   Gasco: 4323 Clayton Road at Glazier Drive 

$3.62   Spirit:  2898 Willow Pass Road at Parkside Drive

$3.63   Gas Max: 2799 Clayton Road at The Alameda

$3.63   Falcon: 4300 Clayton Road at Treat Boulevard

$3.65   All Star: 1791 Pine St. at Market

$3.69   7-Eleven: 4101 Concord Blvd. at Landana Drive

$3.71   76: 4190 Treat Blvd. at Cowell Road

$3.73   Chevron: Oak Grove at Trea Blvd.

$3.75   Shell: 2484 Olivera Road at Port Chicago Hwy.

$3.83   Valero: 5399 Clayton Road at Kirker Pass Road


Prices courtesy of Gasbuddy.com


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