Fire Danger High at Mount Diablo State Park

Fire danger there at its second-highest level.

With the East Bay flirting with 100-degree temperatures the last two days, Mount Diablo State Park officials are wary of a fire.

The park has a fire danger of "High," its second-highest rating after "Very High to Extreme."

The high rating, the third highest on the fire-danger scale, means some activities that usually are allowed in the park are banned. Smoking, use of charcoal and compression logs, and wood fires in stoves and barbecue pits are currently forbidden in the park.

Cameron Morrison, a peace officer at Mount Diablo State Park, said it is unlikely the fire rating will reach the highest level. If it did, the park would close.

"We usually only go to very high to extreme if it's hot and windy," Morrison said. "That usually only happens in the fall when the winds pick up."


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