East Bay Well Ahead Of Normal Rainfall Pace

Rain gauges show rainfall is already more than half of normal with January and February still ahead

With our typical rainy months still ahead, the East Bay has already received more than half the rain it does in a normal year.

The rainfall season is recorded from July 1 to June 30. January and February are usually the months we receive the most rain.

According to rain gauge data compiled by the California Data Exchange Center, Concord has received almost 11 inches of rain so far this year, including almost 8 inches this month. The city historically receives an average of 17 inches of rain during an entire year.

Martinez has received 13 inches so far this season, including more than 9 inches in December. The city normally gets 23 inches in a year.

The Rossmoor area of Walnut Creek has received almost 16 inches of rain this year, including 12 inches this month. It normally gets 23 inches in a year.

Orinda has received almost 18 inches of rain this year, including 13 inches in December. It normally gets 29 inches.

Other nearby towns show similar percentages.

Our reservoirs are also doing well. The latest East Bay Municipal Utility District report, dated Dec. 11, shows that district's reservoirs had received 108 percent of the normal rainfall. The reservoirs were 76 percent full. EBMUD has already released water in anticipation of future storms.

The forecast calls for more rain on Friday evening and Saturday. Clear skies are expected on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Concord Mike December 27, 2012 at 08:25 PM
After a relatively warm period around Thanksgiving, this year is now shaping up to be a wetter and somewhat cooler than normal year. Right now, over 50% of the continental US (excluding Alaska) is covered with snow. In case you haven't heard much about "global warming" lately, there is a reason for that. There has been no increase in global temperatures over the last 12 years. Scientists are coming to an understanding that the models from a decade ago that predicted dramatic global warming due to C02 levels were way off base.
Chris J Kapsalis December 27, 2012 at 09:08 PM
It is a generally accepted fact among scientists that global average temperatures have been rising since 1950, the question really is what has caused it. Forest fires account for most c02, and used to burn unchecked for months until rainy seasons all over the earth. Not so much today. Man is not as big of an impact as some would have you believe. Also the earth has checks and balances built into it. It is a living organism. When temperatures rise, so does growth of c02 consuming plants and algae. Could be earth tilt or some other factor, but year to year, it can actually cool abut. It is an average over time they are looking at. But overblown? Especially by Al Gore. I think so. The doom and gloom predictions did not happen. We should still conserve though and control pollution. Pollution is, imo worst in the toxins they carry. But mankind sure does impact the earth in many other way. But our C02 is only a fraction of naturally occurring c02 and there was more of that in the past?
Chris J Kapsalis December 27, 2012 at 09:09 PM
As for the water situation. We have had dry Januaries and Februaries before. Let's hope we do not have dry spell and are left high and dry. Also the further south you go in the California Valley, the less average annual rain they get. From Redding in the extreme Northern Valley with some 35 inches of rain a year, to Bakersfield in extreme South Valley where they get on Average 6.5 inches of rain a year. So a lot of our water goes south. And there are so many other factors. So bad we couldn't release, as we are now, water and have that water go south now somehow and not when there is a drought and in the summer when water is more scarce leaving our rivers dangerously low.
Triple Canopy December 27, 2012 at 11:54 PM
Weren't the "leading scientists" predicting the next ice age back in the 70s?
Chris J Kapsalis December 28, 2012 at 01:34 AM
Leading scientists also said breaking the sound barrier was impossible, as well as a lot of other things. Some true, some not. But those are predictions. Facts are another thing. With evidence, for example, we know certain things. Observation and do on. I saw a lot left out of the equation when Al Gore pleaded his case the earth would be doomed in 10 years, that was what, 13 years ago, and New York would be under water by now and total world wide disaster,. starvation worldwide and so on. That was all predictions. and also based partly on faulty science and a lot of evidence, "Inconvenient truths to his case" were never mentioned, for one wild fires. For two earths ability to adjust and compensate for extra c02. So I dismissed it back then. Some bought into it. Fear sells. I still voted for him though. Not for this reason, for other reasons. I think that hurt him myself.
Triple Canopy December 28, 2012 at 08:12 AM
A well-reasoned response. Kudos to you for being objective about the climate change issue. It's too bad so few utilize critical thinking skills. R/ T.C.


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