PowerStrips Are Revolutionizing The World

I've been working with a wonderful company that has an absolutely amazing product, which I want to share with you all, I've used this product and had an amazing result. Her is my story.

I received my Powerstrips yesterday...Yahoooo. I woke up this morning very happy and excited because I have so much to share.

I've been waiting to try the product out for myself, before I spread the word. Here is A little bit of history of what I've been dealing with for the last 27 years. My lower back has bothered me off and on for the last 27 years, however for the last 3 years it's been every day, so last night I placed a strip on my lower back around 8:30 p.m. and by 9:30 pm the pain was gone and up to this very moment no pain.....amazing.

The other issue I'm dealing with on a daily basis for the last 8 months,is sciatica nerve issue stemming from the hip and down the thigh on some days, so I place a strip on my hip, around 8:30 pm and by 9:30 the pain is gone.....Thank you PowerStrips.

The last issue is numbing fingers, not sure if it's a knot behind the shoulder blade, or a bit of a pinch nerve behind the shoulder blade, but that is where the pain is stemming from, and it shoots down to the elbow, and then down to the pinky and ring finger, so I placed a PowerStrip around the shoulder blade area, and no pain, the fingers are almost back to normal.

The PowerStrips are absolutely amazing, and everyone across the world should have a packet or 2 in their home.....Love Love this product.

Bridgette Newby

youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTY3chZjwnY

check out the video, and get back with me if your dealing with pain on a regular basis, every now and then, but I truly believe this should be in every household.

p.s. View flyer below


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