The Best of the Best: Readers' Choice Winners Announced

Best pizza in Concord? Best book store? Best donut joint? We got your winners here.

Well here it is folks. After a few weeks of nominating your favorite businesses and after a few weeks of voting, the winners are here!

Unfortunately, there weren't a lot of votes, but winners have been determined nonetheless.

A word of clarification, those on the lists were nominated so if your favorite wasn't up for voting, it means that it wasn't nominated. But don't fret! Your voice can still be heard.

Though the winners have been announced, if your favorite didn't make it to the voting round, please tell us in the comments below here. They may not get the vote but word of mouth is pretty good. So, tell us if your fav didn't win!

And, with that said, you've waited long enough. Here are our winners.






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