My Dawg House Sold to Oakland Owner

Concord's doggie "play-care", boutique and boarding house has been sold to the owners of "Just Pet Me" in Oakland, who plan to keep it open with some changes.

Just four months after My Dawg House opened on East Street in Concord, the three co-owners have agreed to sell it to a fellow doggie day-care center operator. Julie and Ruby Liu, the owners of "Just Pet Me" in Oakland, will take over the company and keep it running, changing the name to "Dogs Will Play".

"They run a very successful business and will be very successful with My Dawg House here in Concord," said My Dawg House Co-founder Dan Jones in an email to Concord Patch. "The three of us were finding that time was limited due to our full time jobs and then a second full time job at My Dawg House. The opportunity arose to sell to an already established dog day care owner so we jumped at it."

The "play-care" and boarding aspect of My Dawg House will remain intact, according to Jones, although "some things may change," he added.

Jones said he is very proud of tranforming an empty building into a stylish doggie day-care center and is glad that "our dog friends will continue to have a place to frolick." None of three founders of the business — Karl Schultz, Stuart Bond and Jones — had ever run a business before, and were doing so while holding down full-time jobs elsewhere.

"Now we will enjoy getting back to our lives, our friends and our families who we have all missed," said Jones. "This is a good thing."

Read more about My Dawg House on Concord Patch.


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