Hidden Gem: Gator Bob's Holiday Sale

This bargain warehouse on Salvio Street is a labyrinth of cardboard boxes filled with stocking stuffers, gifts, decorations and more for as little as 10 cents.

Boxes upon boxes line the warehouse floor at Gator Bob's, and even the customer's drag one behind them on a string in lieu of a cart.

In one box, toy cars are 35-cents each. In another, a pet flea collar is marked at $3. A large freezer at the back is stocked with cookie dough. Then there are all the kitchen supplies, jewelry, toiletries, scrapbooking materials, holiday decorations — you name it.

The store is like a cardboard treasure hunt, with new items stocked daily and a holiday sale that runs all the way through to new year's eve. The warehouse is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.

Apparently, the Gator Bob's owners are bargain-hunters wanting to share a love for thrifty deals. They host two sales a year, one in the spring and one during the holiday season, with the goal of offering customers "the best bargains in town."

To keep up-to-date with what's in store, plus new deals, visit the Gator Bob's Facebook page.

Have you snagged a bargain at Gator Bob's? Share your shopping finds in the comments below.

deborah shea December 14, 2012 at 06:32 PM
it takes one to know one...a treasure hunter that is! i love gator bob's. i love dragging my little 'cart' around. i know i've got enough when my 'cart' is getting too heavy to lug around. i never know what little treasure i'm going to find there and that's the reason i keep coming back!


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