Play Benefactor For a Day: Help Local Musicians Shine

The Chaw, a local rock band with Concord roots, kicks off an online campaign to raise cash for recording of its debut album. Help them out, will ya?

The Chaw's music on Concord Patch before and now have just learned this "psychadelic western" rock band with Concord ties is nearing the production date for its debut album; so why post again? The band needs all the help it can get to raise some cash first.

Click the "play" button in the above video to check out the local talent and find out more about its fundraising project. You can help The Chaw at Kickstarter.com, a crowd funding website. 

As of early Tuesday morning the band had raised $920 of its $1500 goal, which band members explain in the above video is less than half the estimated costs of producing the album. Kickstarter won't fund the project (or charge donor accounts) unless the goal is met. This project's deadline is Monday, May 28, 2012. 

Rock out to The Chaw's music via this link,) then let us know in the comments what you think of these guys' sound.


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