Movie Time Mess-Up Affects Brenden Theater Goers

Brenden Theatres in Concord warns that if you use any information source other than the Brenden website or Fandango for movie showtimes, you could find closed doors or a non-existent screening.

If you happened to head down to the Brenden theater Halloween night to watch the 9:10 p.m. showing of the horror movie "Sinister," you'll know that it was a disappointment — not because the movie was bad, but because the theater was closed.

The last showing is apparently about 8:30 p.m. during the week, yet movie goers are getting the wrong information.

According to staff at the Concord cinema, Brenden Theatres is experiencing a problem with third-party movie showtime websites and smartphone apps such as Flixter. Apparently, only the Brenden Theatres website and Fandango.com have up to date information about movie showtimes and theater hours. Other sources are publishing incorrect data.

"We have no control over it," said a staff member as he explained the situation to disappointed would-be movie goers at Brenden Wednesday evening. "I wish we did."

Have you ever showed up at Brenden Theatres to watch a movie and found a different showtime or the theater closed? Comment below.


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