It's Official: Pop Music Isn't What It Used To Be

Modern pop is louder and all sounds the same, according to researchers who explored algorithms in music from the last 50 years. Parents: how do you rate your kids' music, and how did your own parents react to yours?

Remember when you were a teenager, blaring music on the boom box while your parents complained that it was "too loud" and "all sounded the same"? Now you probably do the same thing to your own kids — but at least you have science on your side.

Music really isn't what it used to be, according to a report published Thursday in the Scientific Reports journal titled, Measuring the Evolution of Contemporary Western Popular Music.

Scientists in Spain analysed the algorithms of music from the past 50 years and discovered that modern pop is louder and more bland, as Reuters summarizes.

Intrinsic loudness has increased with ramped up volume during the recording process. There is also less diversity in note combinations and timbre, which artificial intelligence specialist Joan Serra referred to a "progressive homogenization of the musical discourse."

The conclusion? You can tell the kids it's official: Today's music is too loud and all sounds the same.

Think back to your teenage years — what did your parents used to say when they complained about your music? What do you say to your kids now? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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