Santa Gets on the Phone at Half Price Books

The bookstore chain has set up a holiday phone line that gives callers a chance to talk to the Half Price Books Santa Claus or listen to a holiday poem, joke or song.

Concordians can speak to Santa Claus this holiday season, thanks to the staff at Half Price Books who've managed to hook up a phone line to the North Pole.

They're calling the holiday hotline “Halfy Call-A-Days," and have included a variety of cheer-inducing messages for customers to choose from.

Emily Bruse of Half Price Books described it as a "retro-fun way to spread merriment as we quickly approach the Christmas holiday."

To connect to the festive phone line, dial 1-855-HPB-FONE and “choose your cheer." Selections may change through the holiday season, but for now, customers can hear the following:

  • Press One to hear a holiday greeting from the Half Price Books Santa Claus
  • Press Two to hear “Twas the Night Before Christmas in the Bookstore,” an original parody poem written by Lease Renewal Manager Elizabeth Elkins and read by Tim Jernigan, our Human Resources Director
  • Press Three to hear “Up on the Housetop” performed by Steve Leach, the Half Price Books “Buy Guy”
  • Press Four to hear a holiday joke from Stephen Danby, the Corporate Customer Service representative
  • Press Five to hear “Auld Lang Syne” performed by “Caroling Marketeers” (aka Becky Gomez, Marketing Communications Manager and Cecily Gordon, Marketing Temp)
  • Press Six to hear an original song performed by Jim Swayze

Happy dialing!


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