Posse of Pedigreed Schnauzers Pauses Traffic at Lafayette Reservoir

Pampered pooches take owners for a saunter as dog-less bipeds gawk.

A posse of purebred standard Schnauzers led their proud owners around the Lafayette Reservoir Friday, drawing admiring stares from less fortunate walkers - that is, those without perfectly coiffed, champion pups.

The dogs' "guardians" are all members of the Northern California Standard Schnauzer Club. Several of the animals share genes as the progeny of a single kennel, Blackhawk Standard Schnauzers of Danville. Co-owner Rhonda Davis and her husband have been breeding purebreds for three years. Their involvement with the breed dates to 1982, she said. 

The dog she was walking, Jackie-O, has won numerous national awards, including a couple of blue ribbons at Westminster, the nation's premier dog show in New York. 

According to Davis, standard (full-size) Schnauzers are hard to come by. Nationally, she said, there probably are no more than 60 litters produced annually. 

Smitten with the breed? Get your name on the wait list and start saving your nickels, dimes and benjamins. Sticker price for a purebred animal is in the neighborhood of $2,500. 


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