News Roundup: False Imprisonment, the Legacy of the Nuri Family and Gas Theft

Wednesday, Sept. 26: Headlines about Concord from around the web include the conviction of a Concord man who held a woman captive for days, plus the pleas of the Nuri family for stricter laws against dangerous drivers.

Here's a roundup of Concord news from around the web on Wednesday, Sept. 26. See something missing? Add a link in the comments.

Marin Independent Journal:
Concord Man Convicted of Holding Woman Captive for Days of Torment
Carlos Ciprano Housh, 50, of Concord, is charged with holding his girlfriend captive for three days in her San Rafael apartment, while assaulting and tormenting her.

Contra Costa Times:
Nuri Family Plead for Stricter Laws for Dangerous Drivers
The wife of Solaiman Nuri, along with her 12-year-old daughter and brother, appeared at the Concord City Council meeting Monday evening to thank the city and police department for its support and vow to rally for stricter laws for dangerous drivers. The city plans to install a bench in Ygnacio Valley Park in honor of Solaiman Nuri and his 9-year-old daughter Hadessa, who were killed while riding their bicycles by a 17-year-old driver back in April.

Multiple Gas Thefts in the Neighborhood of Clayton Road and Concord Boulevard
Residents in the area are reporting a number of gasoline thefts from vehicles in the neighborhood.

Also today: A change-of-plea hearing was held Wednesday morning for the 17-year-old charged with vehicular manslaughter and reckless driving for hitting and killing Solaiman Nuri and his 9-year-old daughter Hadessa with his SUV in Concord earlier this year. He changed his plea to guilty and faces incarceration until his 21st birthday.


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